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LAFOLGADO is the result from combining the efforts of two companies, each of which are leaders in their own sector. On the one hand, Industrias RIMO, with more than 60 years' experience in producing and preparing top quality cold meats and Iberian pork products, as well as retailing via its shops and supermarkets and, on the other hand, SER o no SER, a leading Spanish company in online marketing solutions with more than 2,500 satisfied clients in Spain and Europe, with offices in Madrid, Bilbao, Sweden and Germany.

Our objective is to offer a platform for distributing and selling thousands of reference products from Spain at the best possible prices and with the best services. Our key principle is cheap and cheerful, taking the best possible care of our clients.

We have our own temperature controlled warehouse to ensure the products are stored in the best possible conditions. We also ensure we provide our clients with the best transport systems to guarantee fast and professional delivery to all the countries where we operate.
Today, at, buying over the internet from anywhere in Spain or Europe is just as economical as buying from the shop itself. If you wish to buy flavoursome and healthy Spanish products, place your order at our shop. knows no boundaries. We will send to where ever you are. We send to more than twenty European countries.
You can browse our website in Spanish, English, French and German. In addition, our website has been designed in an intuitive manner so you can buy in a fast and easy manner, without having to register. We have a powerful search system so you can find any product you want.
And don’t forget, if there is something you can’t find or wish to make a suggestion or ask a question, we will be happy to hear it. We will be delighted to be of service to you.
Thank you very much for your interest.