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Dried cow beef meet -Cecina de Leon- 200 slices

Dried cow Beef meet (Cecina de León) can be defined as smoked and dried beef meat coming from the hind leg of beef cattle.The outside part of the cecina has got a toasted brownish colour, light dark, which forms part of the elaboration process.

When it is cut, its colour is like cherry maroon, increasing in the borders at the end of the maturing process. Morevoer, it will present some light fatty embedded seams, which gives the cecina that juicy flavour. It´s a meat with a characteristic flavour, lightly salted and with a small fibrous consistency. The pieces are presented as a whole or in portions and slices vacuum-packed.

When the fresh piece arrives to the factory, if the weight, fat and other essential requirements from the Ruling Council are met, we place in the numbered red label together with the I.G.P.(Protected Geographic Indication). In this way, every piece is identified individually and can be perfectly controlled at all times after processing. After a minimum time of seven months, required by the whole manufacturing process, we place in the numbered certificaction/guarantee label once it has passed the organoleptyc and physical-chemical controls carried out by the Regulating Council. This label guarantees the quality of that piece.
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